15 things I learned in 2015. 

15 things I learned in 2015. 
1.) Focus on yourself because people are only temporary.

2.) Always go with your passions. Never ask if they are realistic or not. 

3.) Everybody is secretly a Justin Bieber fan. They probably just don’t know it yet. 

4.) Dating nowadays is sleeping together and eating together. 

5.) Bailing on plans a day or two before is rude. Unless you have a good enough reason, don’t do it. Nobody likes when people bail on them, so why do we keep doing it to each other? 

6.) Donald Trump is a racist idiot. 

7.) When you have flowers by your bed, every morning you can wake up to something beautiful. Even if it’s raining outside. 

8.)Tinder, bumble and other dating apps are a waste of time. 

9.) Dressing stylish and putting on makeup instantly makes me feel better about myself. 

10.) DJ Khaled is so supportive and awesome! Follow him on snapchat: djkhaled305 

11.) People will say whatever they think you want to hear. Don’t believe what they say until they show you that they’re true to their word! 

12.) Reading books makes you more intelligent, Netflix binging makes you lazier. 

13.) If someone no longer makes you happy, you are better off without them in your life. 

14.) People will let you down. God never will. 

15.) No matter how sad you may get, time heals everything and it will get better. 
Cheers to 2016! 


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