“The Making of Souls” 

At the beginning of time, before anything was ever created, our divine makers; God and Goddess, Father and Mother, made passionate all consuming love. The first time two beings have connected, to become one immortal body. 
In this orgasmic moment, their hearts exploded into billions of stars. Each one containing a human beings soul. Each one with a unique sparkle, and a special purpose. 

These stars were us. Our souls. And before our parents sent us out into the nights sky, they said to us…

“My dear children, 

              You all love eachother. We know this because we made you. Your brothers and sisters may cause you hurt sometimes, but know that it is out of love. They may hurt you to send you on the journey we have planned for you. In the end, we will all be together as a family. 

Whenever your mortal body feels pain, caused by your brother or sister…look up at the night sky. At all the souls in all the stars. Including yours. And know that you are loved by all.” 


One thought on ““The Making of Souls” 

  1. brjl2010 says:

    you have touched me. Thank you for your words of grace. Hey I am making a Christian project for YOUTUBE, with my friends, we r raising money for charity(starting this summer). Um for more info please go to my blog. ITs the one that’s say big announcement . Hope to talk soon. From ur friend Brandon. Also need followers and support.

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