The One Night I Wish I Smoked Cigarettes-Episode 15


“Why should you be sad? You lost someone who didn’t love you.

But, they lost someone who loved them.”

author Unknown

As we drove down the road to the longshoremen’s place, we picked up some of his friends on the way.  Unfortunately, one of the friends was The Perverted Married Guy. Who, in my opinion, shouldn’t be out partying till 2am, but instead should be home with his wife and young son. 

The longshoremen had a bachelor’s pad-style basement suite, and tonight he transformed the place into a scintillating after party; complete with more drinks, bright lights, intense music and party people of course.  The longshoremen knew just how to make me feel welcome, and could never take his hands off me. I always felt safe at his place, but be that as it may, I did not feel safe at his house this night…

One of the girls at the party, who worked with the longshoremen did not appreciate the perverted married guy one bit. When he tried to talk to her she’d simply retort back:

“Shouldn’t you be at home with your wife and kid!” 

He just laughed in her face, and went over to the bar to refill his glass. Time passed, and people began to disperse from the party until it was just the girl from before, the perverted married guy, the longshoremen and I.  

The girl grabbed my hand and insisted that we dance. I could tell there was no way she would ever allow the perverted married guy to dance with her. He was way too creepy!

“I’m gonna go for a cigarette.”

The girl shouted, then glared at the perverted married guy so he would get the hint not to follow her. As she left the longshoremen wanted his turn to dance with me, and I did too. He was pretty intoxicated at this point, so he didn’t notice the perverted married guy approach me…

My breathing slowed down. I felt a heart-stopping chill go down my entire spine as soon as I felt his hand go up my dress.  Further and further his hand traveled, and I anxiously waited for the longshoremen to stop him. But he didn’t. I gasped for air, in an attempt to hold back the tears building up in my eyes. But I couldn’t…
As soon as I started crying I ran to the longshoremen’s bedroom and collapsed on the bed, weeping hysterically. The longshoremen asked his friend to leave, then went over to my side to comfort me. I couldn’t stop crying as he brushed my hair off my face and tried his best to comfort me.

“It’s okay. Don’t be upset…look at me. You’re honestly perfect. You couldn’t be any better.”

I couldn’t believe that I was sexually assaulted by a married guy, with a kid, and I had met his wife and kid before!

I was completely traumatized.  But someway, somehow, the things that the longshoremen were saying to me started to slowly make me feel a little better. Then we started to talk about the concept of cheating. I asked him if the perverted married guy tries to get with other women like that a lot ..?

“Oh yeah he’s an animal, he does that a bit. He’d never sleep with another women though…He’d never cheat on her.”

Not kidding. The longshoremen thought that what the perverted married guy did doesn’t constitute as cheating! WHAT IN GODS NAME…IS HE FREAKING SERIOUS ! ?

This was the moment when I knew that the longshoremen was going to turn out to be just like the perverted married guy.  I should have ended it with him right then and there . I mean all my friends were telling me to stay away from him because I deserved better. But I loved him.  It’s hard to accept that you deserve better when all you want is for that one person to change.

Especially when they give you so many signs that they are falling for you just as hard as you are falling for them.

I’ll explain of course…


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