“Alcoholics Anonymous”-a poem by Rheanna Neil

You party too much.

To the point where you have more alcoholic moments than sober moments.

More bruises than nights you can remember .

More hangovers than “hey let’s hang over there!” By the swings and drink lemonade,

Not Mike’s Hard but hard liquor.

Let’s chew on licorice sticks, you have the shortest stick, therefore you lose…take a shot,

Losing counts of brain cells, in a jail cell, puking.(mostly to get it out of your system)

Don’t remember the last night you hadn’t puked.

Feel stuck.

Like you’re in a routine…a hamster wheel that never ends.

Getting hammered, wake up hung-over.

Swear to never drink again! But you’re never true to your words.

You constantly drink. Drink at night, early morning, alone…always alone now.

When happy, when sad, when celebrating, when depressed.

A bottle of whiskey, days getting misty.

A little baileys, into jail he’s dumped you…

Onto cherry vodka and you think you need the liquor or you’ll just whither away.

Until suddenly you realize…

That you’re already gone.


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