The Psycho-Episode 9


“Boys laugh at what they put girls through, but they won’t be laughing when they’re wiping tears off their daughters face for the same reason.”

There’s just something about the summer months. Personally, I don’t understand how summer cannot be everyone’s favourite season.
The warm air, the bright sun, how you barely have to wear anything at all….

Sun kissed skin, summer romances, and the parties!
Drinking in the summer is imperative, and when I was with the longshoremen we would drink.
Not too much, (well at least I didn’t)
just enough to have a good time.

By God, did we have some incredible times partying together!

However not all of them were…

In particular this one night that I am going to tell you about….

It happened on a Saturday night in June. One of my best friends and I were going downtown to see one of our friends Dj at a local club. The longshoremen wanted to see me that night to make up for the other day.
So I informed him that I was going downtown and that we could meet up and go dancing if he wanted.

“Pop opera” was the club that our friend was Dj’ing at. He was fantastic, but there wasn’t much of a crowd there. The two of us were craving the feeling of being pushed in a crowd of strangers. This guy we were with kept telling us about this mind-blowing club in which he claimed it to be “the best club in Vancouver.” So we left “Pop opera” and began walking over to “the best club in Vancouver” also known as “Fortune.” When we finally got to “Fortune” we got our Ids scanned and walked up the stairs.
As soon as I walked inside the longshoremen spotted me. He was with a friend that was visiting from out-of-town. A friend I hadn’t met before.

This was the longshoremen’s fourth best friend.

#4.) “The Professional Hockey Player” [define]
comedic, hockey player that plays for the EHL aka the European Hockey League. One of the longshoremen’s friends who I actually, somewhat liked.

First impression of the longshoremen’s fourth best friend was that he was quite apprehensive, which made it difficult for him to meet a girl that night. Which, in turn, made it hard for the longshoremen and I to be alone. So we ended up just drinking all together.

The whole night I was trying to get to know “The pro hockey player.”
Please don’t get me wrong when I say this, I’m just being 100 % honest.
You are a very foolish girl if you think that a club is a good place to get to know someone. For the record it’s not. It’s too loud, and men are simply there to get laid. Nothing more. I could tell by the way the longshoremen’s friend prowled throughout the club to find a potential one night stand.

As the drinks continued pouring, and the music kept blaring on, I realized I was starting to get a little tipsy. Soon enough I was drunk. When the two of us were drunk together we just had to be either dancing or kissing, and that usually didn’t last long before we had to go to his place. After the club closed for the night a bunch of us decided to go get 2am pizza. Why? Because that’s what you do when you are drunk at 2am.

While we were getting into the cab with a fresh box of pizza, the longshoremen glanced at his phone. This part I am unsure of but I can only assume from his reaction that there were maybe 20-60 missed calls and a bunch of drunken text messages from his psycho-ex girlfriend.

“We have a problem.”

He said to his friend. Then he explained to me the situation. They both did. The longshoremen told me all about his ex.The hockey player confirmed everything and showed me his scar of where she cut his neck with broken glass from a beer bottle.

This was when I finally believed the longshoremen.

“Maybe I should get you a cab home or something. I don’t know if you should come back to the house because I’m pretty sure she’s there.”

{He was right. I should have listened to him.}

“No way!” his friend shouted. Drunkenly unaware of his volume level. “She should come, this could be interesting!”

Honestly, I was startled by the whole situation. Part of me was a little nervous to go to his place due to the fact that this girl might beat me up or cut me in the neck. The other part of me was craving the excitement of the unknown. Of what could happen. I wasn’t a fighter, and I knew the longshoremen wouldn’t have let anything happen to me.

I’m going to go back to your place.” I had decided.

When we got back to his place, it was about 3am. As we approached the front door we saw heels, a purse… Then a body. There she was. The longshoremen’s psycho-ex girlfriend. Passed out drunk on his doorstep. Her bag packed to sleepover and items were scattered along the entrance. The three of us stepped over her unconscious body to get inside. Immediately upon getting inside the longshoremen started drinking and getting all wound up. Frantically he began calling cabs to come pick her up, and he constantly kept getting put on hold. Then he went outside to deal with the situation.

This was when I got to know
“The Professional Hockey Player.”
We conversed in small talk for a bit then we started playing card games. He wanted me to drink, so I did a bit. We talked about what was going on, and about the longshoremen. Eventually he got a phone call and started talking to one of their mutual friends.

“Hey, what’s going on?….Yeah omg dude it’s crazy the psycho is here! I’m with The longshoremen’s new girlfriend. She’s great! Hey..hey would you ever cut me or him in the neck?” He asked me…

Girlfriend was the only word I heard in that sentence. Hearing his best friend say it made me start to believe it. After that all I wanted to do was talk to the longshoremen but I couldn’t.  So I left at 5am during the sunrise.While he was off dealing with psycho-ex girlfriend drama when he should have been with me. I was very upset and pretty much wanted nothing else to do with him anymore…

Until he charmed me again. He had me under his spell, which I couldn’t explain.

But I’ll try to explain…


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