Blind Eyes-Episode 8

It was now June. Summer had begun. The incandescent sun was beaming down on the entire city. Vancouver scenery is breathtaking in the summertime. Ask any Vancouverite and they would agree with me. The city comes to life in the summer months.
It was a particularly sunny Saturday in the beginning of June and I had an interview for a job I really wanted. The job was for a radio station and they were interested in someone who could blog and had a passion for fashion. Yeah, the job was perfect for me. Nervously I got ready for the interview, then low and behold I got a message from the Longshoreman, of course.

“Hey you how’s it going?

He always started the conversation with that “hey you”. It would get to me every single time. I replied to him like I always did…

“Hey babe I got an interview today and it’s right by your house actually”

We ended up making plans to hang out after my interview had finished. The interview went so well I wanted to tell him all about it. When I got to his house he came outside to greet me. He hugged me and kissed me on the lips. As soon as we got inside I told him all about the interview and he seemed enthused, longing for me to tell him more. Politely he offered to get me a drink, and as soon as he left the room I saw panties. Not my panties. Some other girls… I tried to keep it together but I couldn’t. As soon as he came back with the two glasses of water I comforted him…

“This isn’t mine…”
“What isn’t?”
“Are you sure?”
“I have to go…”

I choked back tears on those last words. He was totally screwing some other girl and she was leaving her belongings at his place. I was wholeheartedly convinced he was sleeping with other women. Tears were sliding down my cheek. As I headed to the door, my throat tensed up and I had to focus on breathing but I couldn’t. “Wait!” He grabbed my arm at this point. I rejected his grasp and finally collapsed on the bottom step of his staircase.

“You’re reading this wrong. I’ve been having lots of guys over to drink and one of their girlfriends must’ve left it here. I wouldn’t lie to you…I swear I thought that you left it here the other night.” I told him that I wanted to be clear. I did not want to continue sleeping with him if he was going to sleep with other women. He understood and took it like he already was aware of that fact. This was the closest conversation we had so far about exclusivity.

“Hey stop crying. I’m not seeing anyone else but you. Just you.
I think you are awesome, hey, hey, come here…”

He gestured his hand out towards me. I hesitated to get up. I was disregardful of my feelings towards him. I didn’t know if I believed him, or even trusted him. There was just something about him and his eyes. Light brown, border-lining hazel. Soon I’ll forget the colour of his eyes, and he’ll forget mine too. I bet he already has.

In that moment, I needed a hug. So I reached for his hand and he lifted me up and put his arms around me.

“You’re awesome too.” I said.

He laughed. Then we both started laughing. We kissed and everything seemed better. Even better than it was before. Until it wasn’t.

You know I’m going to explain…


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