“Va fa Napoli”- Episode 7

It was a blistering hot day in May and my sister and I felt we needed to update our wardrobes. We decided to go shopping on Granville Street and Robson since it was such a beautiful day. Robson street is the finest place to shop in Vancouver, I would say.

While we were shopping for summer outfits I got a message from the longshoremen. It was Italian Day and there was a commodious festival happening on Commercial drive-fifteen minutes away from where we now were. Since he is Italian, all his friends were there, and even some of his family members. He wanted me to be there so he could introduce me to them.

After ditching my sister on our shopping trip-a memory that I am not proud of I met up with him in front of a little Italian diner. There he had a bunch of tables and umbrellas set up. Everyone was drinking beer, laughing and having a great time in the sweltering sun. The longshoremen was introducing me to everyone saying that I was a very special girl of his blah, blah, blah.
Ultimately it doesn’t even matter now.

Then I was formally introduced to the longshoremen’s third best friend. (The longshoremen’s future)
The one I mentioned before…

#3.) The Perverted-Married Guy
(Define) : Absolutely No Filter.
This guy is married and has a child but acts…no IS a horny, perverted creep. He has no idea what-so-ever where to draw the line. I actually feel sorry for his wife.

Italian Day lasted until the sun went down. I felt like I was on top of the world with all the attention I was receiving from the longshoremen’s friends and family. In the evening, we went and got something to eat. We both raved about how much we enjoyed the day and each others company. Then the two of us went back to his place to have even more fun.

That’s what it was for me, I think maybe even for both of us.
The physical connection we had to each other was electrifying!
I just couldn’t keep my hands off of him let alone stay away from him. However, that’s all we had. There was no mental connection. I was the emotional one in the relationship. I left all my emotions on the line, thinking that one day he would’ve changed.
People don’t change. They just become more of who they truly are.

My best friend told me not to be too hard on myself when I write this story, so here it goes…

It wasn’t my fault that he lead me on.
I shouldn’t blame myself for thinking that we were anything serious because…

Even though there were signs that he didn’t seriously want me,
there were just as many signs that he did.

Now…this is hard for me to explain…


One thought on ““Va fa Napoli”- Episode 7

  1. Joseph says:

    So your physical connection was it cause you’re so good or cause he’s good? Are you a freak in the sheets? Do you enjoy sucking and/or swallowing? Did you eat you out? UNF

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