The Second Chance- Episode 6

The longshoremen’s second best friend was called

#2.)  “Sticks” (define) :
I don’t even know this guys real name. All I know is his nickname is “Sticks” for some reason…I know he’s a drug dealer who talks about Thailand all the time. (Oh he also does the drug: *”Ayahuasca”* look it up because you won’t believe me if I tell you)
He was without a doubt a fun, sweet guy. However he tried to hook up with me when I was clearly interested in his friend. Not cool.

The night was actually not awkward between the longshoremen and I. Feelings were coming back and I didn’t know what to do about them. Part of me wanted to take him back so badly, but the other part of me kept remembering how much he hurt me.  Monday night I went to a poetry slam. My best friend was performing and I decided to tell her all about the reunion with the longshoremen. I told her all about my dilemma of giving him a second chance or not.

In the end, the only way you can make a decision like this is with your emotions. My emotions were telling me that I believe in second chances, because people can change and I believe in people. So I decided to give the longshoremen another chance and he actually seemed to be trying this time. After seeing him for a couple of weeks I wanted to do something that I always fantasized about doing and that fantasy was to give a guy a striptease. Seriously, I treated this guy better than any other guy I’ve ever dated. Even though he broke my heart, I have absolutely no regrets.

That weekend he asked me out for dinner and drinks, however I already had a house party to go to. At the house party that night, I got a call from him asking me to come over to his place so I could go out dancing with him and some of his friends.
I felt bad about leaving the house party, but I knew I really wanted to see him. When I finally met up with him, he seemed excited to see me. He even showed me off to more of his friends.

The night went on effortlessly, and while he was off getting our drinks I abruptly ran into the guy who took my virginity. He said “Hi” like we were friends or something and kissed my cheek. This guy forcefully took my virginity from me. Sadly, serious.
Then never talked to me ever again. I’m not going to talk too much about that.

After he left the longshoremen arrived with drinks, and he could tell something was wrong. So I told him everything, and his reaction was instantaneous. He wanted to fight the guy, and he kept trying to get me to show him where he was. I wouldn’t let him, but his reaction made my fondness over him grow even more. We danced all night long, his strong arms hugging me closely. Falling for the longshoremen was out of my control. I just wish I had seen at least a glimpse of one of the many signs that I see now. His friends should have been the biggest sign.

In particular, one of his friends, shows me exactly what I don’t want in a husband. And, what I am only recently realizing is that this friend of his is The longshoremen’s future. Confused..? I’ll explain…


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