Karma-Episode 5

After I mailed the Valentines Day card I instantaneously felt better about the whole thing. I actually started not to think about him. Everyone knows as soon as you stop thinking about them they’ll send you a text or call you. It’s like a radar. They know you’ve moved on and now they want you back. Upon arriving home I finally got a message from the longshoremen…

“Hey …I’ve been meaning to talk to you. My ex girlfriend just got back from Chile and things have been really complicated. I’m sorry I didn’t reach out to you sooner but things have just been all over the place.”

Worst apology ever.

I couldn’t reply to that. It was utterly pathetic. Weeks went by and I didn’t reply to any of his text messages. Until this one lonely night that I missed him. Yeah, that’s right, I missed the jackass that broke my heart.

“Can I see you?”

Immediately I regretted sending the message. Basically, to sum the whole thing up, he picked his ex girlfriend over me. He said all the things that people say when they break up with someone. “You’re an amazing girl…I’m really sorry…” Everything that should be said in person.

At the time I couldn’t believe how little respect he had for me. To not even give me a sincere breakup. Now I know that he is terrified of confrontation.

He is a coward.

Several weeks went by, and I heard nothing from the longshoremen.
I assumed he must have received the card by now, and chose not to reply. Now I could easily get on with my life.

It was almost May, two months since I had seen or talked to the longshoremen. Honestly I didn’t think about him at all, and by no means did I think I would see or hear from him ever again. One day, while I was getting ready to go on a date I got a message from him. The man I thought I would never hear from again.
As soon as I glanced at my phone I broke down in tears.

Five words were written from the longshoremen…

“That photo broke my heart.”

I had finally gotten over him, then in one moment all the memories and feelings rushed back. Once I wiped away my tears, took a deep breath and pulled myself together my mind started to race. Why is he talking to me now? Did he just get the card? More importantly, did I miss him?

Abruptly I got a second message…

And honestly I have been thinking about you a lot lately but I know I missed my chance.

Now I knew the answer to my question. Yes, I missed him. However, I wasn’t interested in getting back together with him. Choosing to meet up with him was simply to get closure or the proper breakup I never got.
So I asked him if he wanted to get coffee sometime. Coffee turned into getting dinner and drinks at a pub.
As I walked up to the entrance I could feel my heart pound in my chest.
He escorted me to the table he had reserved for us and we talked about everything.

Seeing him was harder than I thought because of all the mixed emotions.
So we both started drinking.
The longshoremen told me all about how his ex girlfriend went crazy!
She apparently cut him and his friend in the neck with a broken piece of a beer bottle. He showed me the scar on his neck. At the time I was skeptical about his story, but later on his friend confirms that it happened.

While he was explaining all about his psycho ex girlfriend all I could think of was karma. This was 100% karma for breaking my heart. Believing in karma is one thing I learned from this story. What goes around comes around.
I believe this to my core.

During dinner I began to tell him about how much he hurt me. He told me he didn’t get my card until recently because he had moved houses. “I will never hurt you again. I am so sorry I put you through that.” He leaned in really close when he said this and then our lips touched.

The night went on and at around midnight is when I meet an interesting character known as “Sticks” aka the longshoremen’s second best friend. I’ll explain about him…


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