The Photograph- Episode 4

It was around midnight when I got a text from my best friend…

“He’s here!”

I woke up the next morning and read the text. After reading it I couldn’t breathe.

I was ultimately heart-broken. It’s the absolute worst feeling in the entire world.

I didn’t reply to the text for a while because I was speechless.
Eventually, I got a call from her telling me all about what happened last night.
She saw the longshoremen at a nightclub. It was around midnight and he was sloppy drunk. She knew it was him, and she knew she had to go up to him.
When my best friend was explaining how she confronted him and the harlot he was with she became one of my most loyal friends.

She walked straight up to him and asked him why he wasn’t replying to my messages or calling me back.
The longshoremen indistinctly told her all about how his ex girlfriend had recently come back from Chile and that he was going to start dating her again.

“You owe her an explanation!”
My friend shouted at him.

He shouted back, then walked away to go get himself another drink.

After hearing this I wasn’t as heart-broken as I formerly was. I felt like an idiot because I had wrapped my head around every scenario that would’ve possibly happened. He didn’t care about me and I was worrying that he got into a car accident!

I didn’t feel as sad. I was becoming infuriated and I wanted revenge.
In my room I still had the photograph Valentines Day card that I was going to give to him. It was the photo that my best friend took at the birthday party.
Now when I saw the photo all it did was torture me. I thought, hey, I bought the card for him why not mail it to him. I for sure didn’t want it.
Besides, I really wanted him to know how much he hurt me.

On the back of the photograph I wrote in bold, black letters:

How could you be so cruel ?

So when he opened the envelope the writing would show first, then when he turned it around he’d see the picture of us with the words
“Happy Valentines Day “written on the bottom.

If he didn’t respond to my card I would know that he is a heartless man with no adoration for anyone’s feelings whatsoever.
I would be able to get over him.
So that day I went to the post office to mail the card. The universe has a funny way of surprising you in life. I’ll explain…


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