The First Heartbreak Episode 3

“A broken heart is the worst. It’s like having broken ribs. Nobody can see it, but it hurts every time you breathe.” author Unknown

It was now February, and it seemed like for once things were going well with a guy I actually liked.
We got along, the sex was incredible, and he seemed to treat me the way a guy is supposed to treat a girl he likes. I had gone through my share of guys who only wanted the physical and nothing else. I was indescribably happy due to the fact that I thought I found something meaningful. Valentines Day was coming up. I was unbelievably ecstatic with the idea of having a Valentine, and at the same time completely feeble-minded about what we were exactly.
We were definitely more than friends. That’s for sure.

The happiness took over.
I decided to get The longshoremen a Valentines Day card and make homemade chocolate covered strawberries that I could bring over to his place. I hadn’t heard from him for a day or two but I had remembered him saying at the party that he wanted to get together on the 14th.

So I waited.
And waited, and waited.

It was the 14th so I decided to call him and see what was going on.

Answering machine.

I decided to leave a voicemail and just wait to see what happens. It’s hard for me to even type this now looking back at the whole thing. I cannot believe how much this guy charmed me.
To make me painstakingly senseless.

It kills me.

After I left the voicemail I didn’t hear anything from him.

He broke my heart on Valentines Day.

I didn’t hear anything from him for days and then still nothing after a week.
That was the absolute worst week of my entire life.

I couldn’t eat, I could hardly sleep and I cried all the time. At that moment I felt sad for myself because of the heart-wrenching rejection.
However, now I feel sad for him.
I feel sad for him because he is truly incapable of understanding decent human empathy and compassion.

Most empathetic people have the decency to at least call/text/email/or I don’t know snapchat a person whom they dated and explain to them that they no longer want to see them. Instead, the longshoremen made me go insane thinking about possible scenarios that might have happened:

a.) Broke his phone.
b.) Got into a car accident.
c.) Died.

After coming to the conclusion that he died I got a text from my best friend inviting me to come out tonight. I hadn’t seen my friends in a while now and I did really want to see them.
However, I was still too heartbroken to go anywhere that night.
Thank god I decided not to go.
I needed to be at home. That night my partly fractured heart was ripped into two fragmented pieces. I’ll explain…


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