Brown-Eyed Girl-Episode 2

  After talking to my best friend’s about having sex for the first time with the longshoremen a lot of them tried to talk me out of it. Even though I knew deep down that our chemistry was way too intense. We were going to do it.That night I went to my best friends house to have a few cocktails before going downtown. The longshoremen arrived later that night. 

That night, my best friend took a photo of us that to this day I still cannot delete. I think I hold onto it to remind me of the lesson I learned from all of this. It’s also a really good photo. We left the club after saying goodbye to my friends and went back to his new place. Part of me wanted to wait to go all the way with him.
The somewhat intoxicated part of me wanted to have sex with this gorgeous man.

So I freshened up in the bathroom. When I came out he held my hand and walked me to the bedroom. For some reason, that I cannot explain, that night with the longshoremen was amazing! The next morning he took me out for breakfast and drove me home.
Now I really liked this guy. I read somewhere that when a woman sleeps with a man she develops a form of attachment to him. Sex is emotional for women. Whereas for men sex is purely physical. If I would have known that this was true, I would have waited, longer than I did to have sex with the longshoremen. Because he didn’t care about me. Now back to the story…

The next night the longshoremen messaged me inviting me to a party at his new place and told me to invite some girlfriends. (Red flag: we had just gone out drinking the night before and he wanted to drink AGAIN!)
I said sure and started asking my friends to see if they wanted to come. None of my friends did, because they were like me. They weren’t into drinking two nights in a row.
Since I liked the longshoremen so much I decided to go.

When I arrived at his place there were only three people there…seriously…not kidding.

This was the first time I met the longshoremen’s first friend.

# 1.) “The Overly Sensitive Guy” [define]
The longshoremen’s best friend/co-worker who gets upset about everything, gets easily attached and is addicted to Percocets : a drug that treats severe or moderate pain, causes irritability, and is severely addicting.

Back to the party of 5. [including me]
I was thinking how relieved I was that my best friend didn’t end up coming! She would have hated it. However, I had an incredible time, given the circumstance.
The longshoremen earlier won this giant iPod speaker at a bar and eventually “Brown-eyed girl” by Van Morrison played on the speakers.
The longshoremen turned to me and said…

“You’re my brown-eyed girl.
This is our song.”

I was smitten. Now every time I hear that song I get a little choked up. And I suppose I will until I meet someone better who will actually mean it.
After the party, the next morning, he drove me home, kissed me, and then I don’t see him for awhile after that. I’ll explain…


2 thoughts on “Brown-Eyed Girl-Episode 2

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