The Longshoreman Story -Episode 1

This is a story of heartbreak. We met at a bar at the beginning of January, 2013. I was twenty at the time, young, naïve and vulnerable. My best friend and I went to this particular bar pretty much every friday night. She had worked at Earls that night and she served two guys, one of which this story is about. 

The longshoremen’s friend spotted my best friend at the bar and remembered she was their server that night. We were quickly introduced to the guys. The longshoremen and I talked over pitchers of beer and soon we realized we were both really attracted to each other. We danced and later we kissed and I don’t know what it was but when I kissed him I felt something different. 

Later that night he talked about wanting to have dinner with me sometime this week, and asked for my phone number. At the time I wasn’t into giving out my phone number, but this guy seemed like a genuine person, and he was a really good kisser. So I gave it to him. The next day I had pretty much forgotten about the encounter with the guy who would later break my heart twice. After coming home from a photo shoot for my younger sister’s graduation I got a text from the longshoremen. The gist of it was he wanted to see if I wanted to come downtown tonight.  (OK…this should have been a red flag because later in the story I find out that he is basically an alcoholic, but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

I don’t like to drink two nights in a row, unless its May long weekend in Whistler or *Las Vegas* so I decided to deny going downtown with him. The next day he messaged me about the other night saying and I quote. “So…I’m in *Las Vegas*.” I was shocked. Then relieved that I didn’t end up going downtown with him that night.

What if I had gotten drunk and drunkenly decided to go with them to Vegas!? My parents would’ve killed me! Nevertheless, I was still interested in getting to know this guy. So when he said he wanted to take me out for dinner on Wednesday night I said yes. Immediately I messaged my best friend telling her that I was going to go out with the guy from the bar.
As soon as I told her she was like:

“Ooh he was good-looking, I remember.”

That night I got dressed up. I wore white jeans and a pretty top and waited for him to come pick me up.
He showed up in a white truck and wore a black leather jacket. I thought…Holy shit, she was right! We went for dinner at an adorable stove, oven pizza place and talked about first date stuff. All that matters is, we were hitting it off more than I thought we would.

In the car he asked if I wanted to come back to his house and watch a movie.
(Yeah, I know this probably wasn’t the best idea going back to his place because I barely knew him, but I was really into him and it’s not what you think.) We went back to his place, and immediately started making out.

“I want to go down on you.” He tells me and I shout:

“What!?” (Basically I was shocked!)

Then disappointed, but me being a decent human being I reciprocated the favor. He was pleased. We had great conversations, and at one point during the night he said how much he feels comfortable talking and being with me. After an amazing make out session, he drove me home. We talked about the types of music we like and he played some music he listens to . He got me really into J.Cole and Drake. I’m thankful for that. As we were pulling up to my house he talked about wanting to see me again. We kissed and I said Goodnight. I got home and I thought…

Damn it, I like this guy.

On our second date he took me out to this fancy sushi place where the sushi looked like complete works of art.
We had even better conversations.
He did cute things that made me like him such as covering my eyes so I wouldn’t peek into the restaurant windows and see the sushi art.
Again, I went back to his place after.
He wanted to watch a movie and well, the movie was on…

We watched that cop movie with Jack Gyllenhal. The movie is 1.82 hours long. We passionately made out for 2 hours. Not kidding. Our chemistry was so crazy that I really wanted to sleep with him that night.
Back then I had a strict no sleeping with a guy till the third date rule.
He drove me home instead, even though I really wanted to sleep with him. It was my friend’s 19th birthday next weekend. My best friend was going and since I had texted back and forth with the longshoremen I decided to invite him. He replied…

“Yeah for sure! My friend is having his birthday there too, lets meet up :)”

Stupid, vulnerable, foolish me thought this would be a good time to finally have crazy, passionate sex with him for the first time. I was right and wrong. I’ll explain…


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