I am a flake. No more. 

So I need to get something off my chest and I hope what I am about to say can help some people. Right now, we have an epidemic of flaky people. They’re everywhere. Cancelling plans last minute, not responding to texts/calls and maybe even not showing up at all. Sometimes I am a flake. I get it. Things happen and people have to cancel. But over the last couple days it has happened to me 4 TIMES BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!! I’m at my breaking point. 
A “flake” is described as ‘someone who generally makes plans with you, promises to do things, but can never seem to follow through with plans.’ When you confront them about their behaviour they will either deny it, get defensive, or simply run away. It breaks my heart to realize this definition describes people in my social circle. 
I think part of the problem is we are losing our basic, respectful, communication skills because of cell phones. Since it’s so easy to text & call nowadays, it’s equally easy to NOT text or call. We never make time to connect with people without a screen anymore. Honestly it shocks me that people actually think that always canceling plans last minute and not responding to texts is OK!?!? Personally, I find it extremely immature, mean, and completely disrespectful. It’s a miracle if people actually show up on time, or even at all. 
The more I think about it, the more it actually crushes my spirit. I have lots of friends with whom I’d love to catch up with. However, it’s basically IMPOSSIBLE to make plans with them that they ACTUALLY follow through with. 
Then, after awhile I just give up. The constant disappointment becomes too exhausting, especially when you don’t feel effort being reciprocated. So my solution is…. -Call More, Text Less (Therefore Less miscommunications) 

-No longer will I cancel plans last minute with someone unless I physically cannot move. 

-No longer will I let a friend cancel plans last minute more than 3 times. 

And my phone will be off all day Sunday’s for a screen time break. 

Please comment if you have an opinion on this topic. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why- My Review

So I don’t usually make long posts like this, but after binge watching 13 reasons why I wanted to get some things off my chest about the hit Netflix series.
The show has received some backlash from suicide prevention groups. They think the show “glorifies suicide” and I’ve heard people say the show uses suicide as “revenge.” Personally, I didn’t get that message from 13 Reasons Why. I believe these suicide prevention groups missed a crucial part.
The show explains that the people in your life hurt when you hurt yourself. It puts a much needed spotlight on sexual assault and bullying. 13 reasons why effectively shows how everyone’s actions affect other people in some way, good or bad. Each person who received the tapes negatively affected Hannah’s life to lead her to want to take her own life. Then I realized something that Hannah didn’t. She didn’t realize how much more suffering she would cause by committing suicide. Her parents suffered. Clay was madly in love with her so he suffered greatly, and everyone else on the tapes suffered in their own way.
I learned that you should be kind to everyone because you truly never know how much pain someone is in. I love the scene when Clay tells Hannah he loves her because it teaches everyone that you shouldn’t wait to tell someone you love them if you do. You never know what storms people are going through, or when their last day will be. So be kind to everyone. It could save their life.
“You can’t love someone back to life. But you can try.” -13 Reasons Why

This is why you need the slip dress…

Everyone wants to be ahead of the game when it comes to fashion trends. For some people it just comes naturally. These people set the trends, and other people follow along. If you’re not the kind of girl that knows what’s going to be in style beforehand, then I’m here for you babe. I’ve put together my predictions for Spring fashion trends and added where you can get the less expensive alternative. You’re welcome!


Ok, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE dresses so that is why I am going to start with my spring dress prediction for 2016.huhkuhihi

This spring is all about the sexy, flirty slip dress. This dress makes you look and feel seductive and confident. It’s supposed to look like you effortlessly  just ‘rolled out of bed’ , (preferably with a smoking hot guy and simply went on with your day.) It’s like the classy walk of shame. My advice is to get one made out of silk, but you may have to fork out some money for a silk one. An Alexander Wang slip dress can cost anywhere from $700-$1,000!  Or you can get one with lace on it that is just as fashionable as one of the high end designer dresses. I found one at Forever 21 Canada for only $22.90. 00183403-02

This slip has the black lace on the top part of the dress, which makes it look more like a dress than a slip. (which is what it actually is.) If you think this dress is too short, you can always opt for a longer version or add a pair of knee high black socks or boots to complete this sexy look. Finish the look with a black leather jacket or blazer and you’re ready to go out on the town.


CAD $22.90 



After dresses, my next favourite thing to purchase is shoes. This spring is going to be all about the comfortable sneaker and I am so happy about this!! Kanye West’s shoe line with Addidas ‘YEEZY BOOST 350’ designed by Kanye himself is the sneaker that is all the rage right now. However, they are mostly sold out except for some that are still available on eBay for over $1,000 a pop!  Luckily I found a pair of Nike sneakers that look somewhat similar and are only $155, so you don’t have to break the bank.




For spring it’s all about showing off those sexy shoulders with off the shoulder sweaters and tops.  It honestly doesn’t matter what colours you pick, but keep in mind some of the spring colour predictions are; beige brown, mustard yellow, light rose pink and grey.  I definitely recommend adding a necklace or a fabric choker around your neck for some extra style points. There is an American Apparel off the shoulder top for $46.00 that I love because it comes with a choker, and four different colours. (see below)rsa83140_prettyinpink





To be for specific it is the retro, somewhat distressed, baggy jean. It’s the type of jean that you don’t have to get from an expensive, designer store. You can get this jean trend from vintage and thrift stores such as Value Village.  And BONUS once summer rolls around you can cut these jeans and turn them into high-waisted shorts.

The lighter colour jeans are more in style for spring/summer, and both distressed and non-distressed jeans are in style this year. And you can always add some rip’s and tears to your cheap, thrift store jeans that you got for like $7!

Retro, baggy, high waisted, distressed jean

15 things I learned in 2015. 

15 things I learned in 2015. 
1.) Focus on yourself because people are only temporary.

2.) Always go with your passions. Never ask if they are realistic or not. 

3.) Everybody is secretly a Justin Bieber fan. They probably just don’t know it yet. 

4.) Dating nowadays is sleeping together and eating together. 

5.) Bailing on plans a day or two before is rude. Unless you have a good enough reason, don’t do it. Nobody likes when people bail on them, so why do we keep doing it to each other? 

6.) Donald Trump is a racist idiot. 

7.) When you have flowers by your bed, every morning you can wake up to something beautiful. Even if it’s raining outside. 

8.)Tinder, bumble and other dating apps are a waste of time. 

9.) Dressing stylish and putting on makeup instantly makes me feel better about myself. 

10.) DJ Khaled is so supportive and awesome! Follow him on snapchat: djkhaled305 

11.) People will say whatever they think you want to hear. Don’t believe what they say until they show you that they’re true to their word! 

12.) Reading books makes you more intelligent, Netflix binging makes you lazier. 

13.) If someone no longer makes you happy, you are better off without them in your life. 

14.) People will let you down. God never will. 

15.) No matter how sad you may get, time heals everything and it will get better. 
Cheers to 2016! 


Once upon a time there was a Prince, who had everything he could ever want. He was charming, smart and good-looking. 

The first night he met Cinderella she handed him her glass slipper. “Hold this!” She said. “You aren’t getting your shoe back unless I get a kiss.” He told her. 

“But I don’t even know you…” She said as she chased the Prince throughout the ballroom. “Give me my shoe” Cinderella insited. “I just stepped on glass.” 

Quickly the Prince sweeped Cinderella off her feet to go find someone to mend her foot. Outside the ballroom he knelt down on one knee and placed the glass slipper on her foot. They kissed and rode off to the castle. 

Then everything changed. 

The Prince was still charming, but he had a dark side. He charmed Sinderella into doing whatever he wanted. He became the master and she was his slave. She would’ve down anything for him. She loved him to the point of insanity. The Prince turned into a monster and Sinderella lost her mind. 

He told her that she could come to the castle whenever she desired him. And one night she wanted him badly. Dressed in black lingerie she got to the castle and nervously knocked on the door. 

As the Prince opened the door he said the four words: “What the fuck No!” And left.

Cinderella changed forever. She got really sick and trusted no one. Eventually she healed to some degree and now she only trusts herself. 

The way it should be.  


The End-Episode 17 

       The last night I went out with his friends was a casual night. Just hanging out at his place; drinking beer, playing video games, and laughing at his friend. The last friend of his that I met is who I call “The nice guy” because he was just a genuinely good guy, who always stood up for me. The longshoreman always wanted to go out drinking on the weekends, and  I was okay with that. But sometimes it would’ve been nice if we could just stay in. Smoke a little, watch some funny movies and order a pizza or something. However, he was almost an alcoholic, so he always wanted to go out drinking. “Why don’t you ever do something else with this girl besides go out clubbing?” His friend asked him.

I was impressed by how he knew exactly what I was thinking.
 “Well, we can stay here if you want? Or do you want to go dancing?”
The longshoremen asked me….
I could never turn down a night of dancing with him.
In the club, while we were dancing together, his eyes pierced my soul and he said:
“That’s what I like about you!” Immediately I asked what he meant. And he simply said “never mind” and kept dancing. A part of me still wonders what he was going to say that night. While we were driving back home in the cab I lay my head on his shoulder. Then he pushed my hair out of my eyes and kissed my forehead. Unknowingly I spent my last night at his place. And we made love for one last time.  Days go by and I hardly hear from him. Then a couple of weeks go by and I bring up the courage to send him this: “I don’t get, why you never want to see me.”
He responds:
“Sorry…it’s not like that.”
 “Then what is it like? No response. For weeks. And I still had some of my stuff at his place.
 I couldn’t believe I could let the same guy break my heart for a second time. The longshoreman despised confrontation, so I knew I had to go over to his place to get my stuff back and tell him what I needed to say. My heart was racing as I walked up to his door. And as he opened it, my heart stopped. The person I loved was gone. He was a different person.
Or maybe I was finally seeing the real him for the first time. I didn’t like what I saw. I grabbed my stuff from his apartment  and we talked for a bit. He said something like:
 “I thought you knew what this was?”
Or “Didn’t you know I was going to hurt you?” Of course I didn’t. Or else I wouldn’t have been in this situation. At this moment there was nothing left to say. I couldn’t waste anymore of my energy on him. It wasn’t worth it. So I got up and cried all the way to my car. And never looked back. My relationship with the longshoreman taught me so much.
It takes awhile for me to trust people now, because people will say anything that they think you’ll want to hear. I have no regrets, because I never would have found the strength to love myself for exactly who I am. And I never would have found the joy that writing brings me if I never met the longshoreman.
Without the longshoreman this story would not exist.
I miss him sometimes and I don’t think you ever stop missing someone you’ve loved. Or maybe I just miss the memories, not him.
I hate leaving things, with words left unsaid. This is the last thing I want him to know:
“You were the first person to break my heart. Don’t forget that for the rest of my life you will always be the one that hurt me the most. And I don’t think I’ll ever fully let you go. But I have finally moved on and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. So thank you,for breaking my heart.”
  The End 

Snow White and the Seven Firecrackers-Episode 16


After that night, I started to question the entire relationship I had with the longshoreman. I knew he was bad for me, but I wanted him more than anyone I had ever met. The next weekend he invited me to a party that was happening at his place.  I told him that I would only come if the perverted married guy was not going to be there, and he assured me he wouldn’t.

When I arrived, there were a lot of his friends there and he introduced me to all of them. Almost as if he was, parading me around like I was his girlfriend. But in reality he just wanted to show off who he was sleeping with. The reality of it was, we were in a relationship. Maybe not as committed as serious relationships should be. And I don’t care if anybody thinks that we didn’t love each other.  

I truly believe that in some way, in some other time, or past life…we were together. I believe this because there was always some force of nature that I cannot explain, that was constantly driving me back to him.

This party, started to get crazier and crazier. And I don’t fully remember how it happened, but a lot of people started to do blow. Something I had never done before, or even remotely thought of doing. However, the atmosphere of the party, and the influence of peer pressure made me wonder what it would feel like… 

” I will only do it if you do it with me” I said to him, after he confessed to me that he had never done it before either.

”Deal” he said, then we each took our turns, and inhaled the white powder.

After some time went by, we really started to feel the effects. The adrenaline rushed through my body, and I could not stop talking to everybody and anybody. Eventually, people dispersed and then it was just me and him. Unable to go to sleep, chatting up a storm. Then he got the idea to light off some firecrackers out front, so we went outside half-naked to light them. As I filmed , he lit the match and a loud BOOM echoed throughout the entire apartment. Sparks flew in every direction. We could not stop laughing and that’s when I realized that we have the most fun together. 

Laying on his bed, we still could not stop talking. We talked about our relationship, family, kids, almost everything. Then he started to talk about his mom. He said she was the best person you would ever meet. And then he said…

”You should meet my Mom…She will change your life. I’m going to introduce you to her.”

That was it about him. He would always make me question what I was to him. He would do something so mean to me, and then say something so right that I would fall for him all over again. But the thing was, he was always saying everything I wanted to hear. But he would never do the things he was promising. Like introducing me to his Mom. What also didn’t help the situation was the fact the our Moms looked the same. Kind of like it was meant to be or something. It wasn’t. 

In that moment, I put my head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat. Just to see if he even had a heart. Obviously he did. But for some reason I couldn’t help but wonder…how someone could spend this much intimate time with another person and say all the things that he has said, and still hurt them, this much, over and over again.

What could have possibly happened to him, to make him this cruel. I had no idea. But I loved him so much that I wanted to be there for him. Always.

“The Making of Souls” 

At the beginning of time, before anything was ever created, our divine makers; God and Goddess, Father and Mother, made passionate all consuming love. The first time two beings have connected, to become one immortal body. 
In this orgasmic moment, their hearts exploded into billions of stars. Each one containing a human beings soul. Each one with a unique sparkle, and a special purpose. 

These stars were us. Our souls. And before our parents sent us out into the nights sky, they said to us…

“My dear children, 

              You all love eachother. We know this because we made you. Your brothers and sisters may cause you hurt sometimes, but know that it is out of love. They may hurt you to send you on the journey we have planned for you. In the end, we will all be together as a family. 

Whenever your mortal body feels pain, caused by your brother or sister…look up at the night sky. At all the souls in all the stars. Including yours. And know that you are loved by all.” 

The One Night I Wish I Smoked Cigarettes-Episode 15

source: weheartit.com

“Why should you be sad? You lost someone who didn’t love you.

But, they lost someone who loved them.”

author Unknown

As we drove down the road to the longshoremen’s place, we picked up some of his friends on the way.  Unfortunately, one of the friends was The Perverted Married Guy. Who, in my opinion, shouldn’t be out partying till 2am, but instead should be home with his wife and young son. 

The longshoremen had a bachelor’s pad-style basement suite, and tonight he transformed the place into a scintillating after party; complete with more drinks, bright lights, intense music and party people of course.  The longshoremen knew just how to make me feel welcome, and could never take his hands off me. I always felt safe at his place, but be that as it may, I did not feel safe at his house this night…

One of the girls at the party, who worked with the longshoremen did not appreciate the perverted married guy one bit. When he tried to talk to her she’d simply retort back:

“Shouldn’t you be at home with your wife and kid!” 

He just laughed in her face, and went over to the bar to refill his glass. Time passed, and people began to disperse from the party until it was just the girl from before, the perverted married guy, the longshoremen and I.  

The girl grabbed my hand and insisted that we dance. I could tell there was no way she would ever allow the perverted married guy to dance with her. He was way too creepy!

“I’m gonna go for a cigarette.”

The girl shouted, then glared at the perverted married guy so he would get the hint not to follow her. As she left the longshoremen wanted his turn to dance with me, and I did too. He was pretty intoxicated at this point, so he didn’t notice the perverted married guy approach me…

My breathing slowed down. I felt a heart-stopping chill go down my entire spine as soon as I felt his hand go up my dress.  Further and further his hand traveled, and I anxiously waited for the longshoremen to stop him. But he didn’t. I gasped for air, in an attempt to hold back the tears building up in my eyes. But I couldn’t…
As soon as I started crying I ran to the longshoremen’s bedroom and collapsed on the bed, weeping hysterically. The longshoremen asked his friend to leave, then went over to my side to comfort me. I couldn’t stop crying as he brushed my hair off my face and tried his best to comfort me.

“It’s okay. Don’t be upset…look at me. You’re honestly perfect. You couldn’t be any better.”

I couldn’t believe that I was sexually assaulted by a married guy, with a kid, and I had met his wife and kid before!

I was completely traumatized.  But someway, somehow, the things that the longshoremen were saying to me started to slowly make me feel a little better. Then we started to talk about the concept of cheating. I asked him if the perverted married guy tries to get with other women like that a lot ..?

“Oh yeah he’s an animal, he does that a bit. He’d never sleep with another women though…He’d never cheat on her.”

Not kidding. The longshoremen thought that what the perverted married guy did doesn’t constitute as cheating! WHAT IN GODS NAME…IS HE FREAKING SERIOUS ! ?

This was the moment when I knew that the longshoremen was going to turn out to be just like the perverted married guy.  I should have ended it with him right then and there . I mean all my friends were telling me to stay away from him because I deserved better. But I loved him.  It’s hard to accept that you deserve better when all you want is for that one person to change.

Especially when they give you so many signs that they are falling for you just as hard as you are falling for them.

I’ll explain of course…

WATCH OUT for “BANKS”- The Female Version of The Weeknd..?

You may have no idea who Banks is but according to Fox Weekly she is the “American Singer/Songwriter to watch out for”, and I have no choice but to completely agree! Her hauntingly, beautiful voice captivates your ears. While the sexy, laid-back lyrics keep you listening to her sultry R&B songs. Her full name is Jillian Rose Banks which may or may not be gossiped about, however in contrary, her stage name “Banks” I believe will be talked about on the radio in the months, weeks, or even days to come….

large (6)Banks has been compared, similarly to the Juno Award winning artist ‘The Weeknd”, but is in no way copying the R&B singer. Banks is a unique gem all on her own. Her Debut album “Goddess” was released on September 5th, 2014 and she is finally getting more of the credit that she righteously deserves. Her single off the album “Waiting Game” was featured on a Victoria Secret Commercial and in a trailer for the soon-to-be released film “The Longest Ride.”

Some of her other singles that need to be listened to for the “raw” sound are “Drowning”, “Beggin for Thread”, “Brain” and two of her tracks which wound up being featured on the October 9th, 2014 episode of Greys Anatomy; “Goddess” and “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From.”

Her sensual tone, and lyrically poetic songs make Banks my top pick for singer that we’ll all be talking about. You’ll be hearing her single “Waiting Game” on the radio very soon. Just wait for it.